Who says men can´t be fashionistas?

Here it is the new issue of GQ with the 10 men which their styles bring us the modern,charm,sexuality and masculinity needed for to be THE MAN in the fashion-world who rules by the woman.

He think Kates Moss is the biggest style icon, she looks stuning in everything she wear even in a tuxedo

J.T says “Nobody dressed like my dad,” “When he worked at the bank, he looked like Richard Gere in Gigolo. And he would do it all the night before, laying out the suit he’d wear the next day. Even on weekends, if he had to go into the office, he’d wear a trouser pant with a V-neck sweater and tie. And I was like, I want to dress like that! He was just so cool.

Justin Timerlake is the stylist man for GQ being the cover of the magazine.

The rest of the 9 men of the list.

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Jernest** dijo...

Estan geniales las fotos!!!

Hubo algunos tipos que no conocía, y hay otros más que me parecen super stylish y no estan incluidos, aún asi, ame las pics__


Juaи + dijo...

Te odio por haber puesto las fotos!!!

Yo lo iba a poner mañana xD


Me encantan las fotos, la portada es genial, siento que hicieron algo de photoshop con Justin pero its ok !!

Me encanta la foto de KW, Mark Ronson y Alex L.

Anónimo dijo...

aqui la GQ de mexico llega tardisimo... la ultima que compre era abril 08 :P


amazing looks!!

Anónimo dijo...

Testosterona fashionista!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stacy dijo...

Love it.